[KAG] Classic Ban Support Withdrawn, Community Activity, Potential Update

Hey guys, some (rare) KAG classic news:

  • Ban support is being withdrawn. No more bans will be enacted due to classic reports. This enables us to spend less time constantly banning free accounts in an alpha game and more time on making new games, improving the games we continue to support, and so on.
    Classic server admins: this will make moderation more important for you guys. Start using those deny_join seclevs or the “oldfag” mod from the forums.
  • Lucas (Furai) has expressed interest in spending time to “open up” classic – making all features in the alpha client available for free. Get in contact with him on the forums if there’s anything else you want in a “final” patch, there’s not likely to be any later patches and MM and I are not going to be involved in work on classic.
  • Master’s Juxta++ Server Mod continues to be developed for those looking for (limited) modding/scripting possibilities for classic servers. I believe this also opens up some anti-hack possibilities, interested server owners should check out the thread here.
  • Guro has expressed interest in hosting classic-style CTF servers in KAG – if you’re interested in this, show your support here. If you have modding/programming experience he’s looking for collaborators as well – this is a good chance to get your modding work included as part of an appropriately funded project, which means more people playing something you worked on.
    For all the classic players, strongly consider getting involved and showing your interest – as bans are being pulled and community moderation in classic is known to be substandard at best, this may be your best long-term shot at hacker-free, updated KAG classic.

Bit of a mixed bag, but it’s nice to see the community side of stuff taking a more positive, integrated slant.

More news on KAG proper coming soon, we’re still working on the Build Server Migration and engine infrastructure for Trench Run – lucky for you guys this translates to more engine infrastructure in KAG as well.

Have Fun!

Max (Geti) and Michal (MM)

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