[KAG] Community Fix Build Delays

Surprise surprise there are some delays with the build; this time due to Trench Run changes sneaking in and messing with things on the network – we’ll get a build out as soon as we can next week but we aren’t confident to push a relatively untested fix out just now. Community fixes have kept flowing in too and some of them could use more testing before going public as well.

There’s actually a very big pair of change coming for modders that enables the custom destructible, synced tiles in TR, as well as scripted map saving commands, and these will likely flow on to make mods like the various spinoffs of ShipRekt richer as development continues. They cover the last “big missing things” in the kag engine mod API, in our eyes at least. We look forward to seeing what you guys come up with using it!

We trust that you understand we’d rather an unpatched KAG to a broken KAG over the weekend, sorry for the delay on this swathe of fixes and
modding additions!

Have Fun!


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