[KAG] Community Fixes Inbound

Hey guys, continuing on with the build preview train, without further ado lets get into it!

Community members have rallied together the last few months to improve the game!

Lots of minor fixes from the community, in particular Fuzzle has provided a bunch of small code tweaks for the better, and makmoud98 has tracked down a few things too. Here’s a summary of all the big changes – the full list will be in the update post.

  • “Something done” about boulders:
    Boulders have long been a point of contention – some people love them, lots of people hate them. They definitely still do too much damage, haha. The main change in this build is that you cant sneak them into your inventory any more, putting them on the level of the keg as a “huge” item – so at least you’ll see it coming.
  • Siege Changes:
    Siege engines get their driver seat removed when immobilised, and their firing angle is now affected by their rotation. The former is just a fix of an annoyance but the effects of the latter are more subtle and experimental – you can angle a ballista to fire directly along the ground for point defense, and get a bit more distance out of an angled catapult (or reduce its minimum range). We’ll address any big issues that come of this, but it should really make siege a little more adaptable and dynamic.
  • Lots of shop tweaks:
    Shops now put items in a more consistent location – stuff used from the hands (like mines, kegs and so forth) go to the hands, things used from the inventory (bombs, arrows) go to the inventory, and edge cases are handled a little more gracefully. The quarters buttons going missing sometimes is fixed too, and class-switching preserves your stun (which fixes a few tricky exploits in TDM as well!)
  • Food Stacking:
    …Is basically not a thing any more. Thankfully, gone are the days of stacks of steaks, burgers, fish and grains in someone’s inventory, allowing them to tank more or less endless minor damage (they can still stack 4 if they want no special items though, which is at least a little more fair). This fix has really been a long time coming, and was left out more as an oversight than an intentional decision to allow carrying truckloads of food – a good example of a case the community can often pick up much better than us!

There’s also some fixes coming for a few “stupid” bits in TDM maps, a couple more engine fixes, a bunch of smaller bugs fixed and a typo in tutorial addressed. Outside of the game a few security exploits have also been brought to our attention and fixed, so thanks to those involved in identifying and debugging them.

Thanks also for the patience of (almost) everyone affected by the SSL issues over the weekend (and the preceeding weeks, to some extent) – it’s been a big, tricky thing for us to fix and the turnaround hasn’t been perfect, but most players have been understanding once they hear there’s something hard going on, and we’re thankful for that.

Have Fun!


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