KAG is one of the Essential Free Indie Games For Your PC

We got featured yesterday on G4TV.COM along with classics such as Cave Story and Dwarf Fortress in an article called “Essential Free Indie Games For Your PC”. This is really amazing that we’re getting this attention.

KAG is a completely free game right now and it offers an insane amount of fun. In a couple days we’ll have a patch ready with more new stuff for the free version and a completely new game mode for the paid version called:
 “Zombie Survival Adventure”

We just added a new payment option (most requested by players). You can now pay with Google Checkout (along with PayPal and Allopass).


Did I mention it’s still the special discounted price because the game is still in alpha? It costs only 9.99$ but the price will raise slightly after the mentioned patch is out. You can get it here.

Have fun,


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