[KAG] Last Classic update – build 591


I know some of you’ve been waiting for this update. I did my best to fix issues that I was comfortable working with, and so I have done some changes to Classic:

  • Unlocked all premium features (gold only servers should still require premium on join)
  • Fixed banning issues – banning by name, bans longer than 5555 minutes, changed the formatting of the blacklist.cfg file a little bit
  • Fixed disappearing scoreboard when a player joins but doesn’t choose a team
  • Fixed scrolling of the scoreboard (made it scroll faster as well)
  • Added simple server-side check for people using editor (should prevent editor hacking)
  • Added heart emote and bound it to 8 keyboard key

Furthermore, I’ve worked on installers. If you have noticed an empty update for Classic/KAG it was because of the changes done to the installers.

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