[KAG] Server Issues

Hey guys, as you will most likely have noticed, most servers are down currently, and there’s been some issues with logging in. Sorry!

This is due to an SSL certificate issue on our end, which basically means the game can’t verify the connection to KAG API is secure – this is being fixed ASAP by our system admins and again any more permanent fixes required should be coming within the week. There will also be an ordinary KAG update some time next week, testing not withstanding.

Clients should at least be able to log in/connect again now, with some (but not most) servers able to connect to the API. If you are able to provide FliesLikeABrick or JRGP with any diagnostic info in IRC (what error you get, what OS/setup you’re running a server on, etc) please do so.

Please bear with us in the meantime, we’ll keep you updated as it develops.


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