[KAG] Update Delays

Hey Guys and Girls,

Bad news on the impending update – we’re having lots of issues with testing, particularly with servers. Issues include crashing and the game getting patched into an unplayable state, which is something we’re trying very hard to avoid!

Many hours were spent angry at the computer.

Amidst the repository migration and build order changes we’re not sure where the issues are coming from, and will keep you posted as things become clear – we’d very much like to avoid having to get people to re-download or manually clean their game folders, and also want to minimise server disruption as much as possible – particularly with all the ongoing competitive events at the moment!

In light of these issues we’ll be holding the update until we feel these issues have been resolved, and will be spending the next week or so at least getting to the bottom of these issues.

The good news to be found here is that we’re actually up to the point where we want to test the stuff for release, rather than working more on stuff in the background – so an update isn’t too far away. Bear with us in the meantime!

Have Fun,


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