The next release (which should be out in time for christmas!) is looking to be chock full of features! Insofar we’ve talked mostly about zombies, but also the new level format.

Now, the next feature to talk about (and the first thing that we’re going to give you some visuals for) is lighting! Days and nights will cycle in the next version and at night time, lighting will be important for making out anything and thus make wandering in the field a very dangerous thing to do!

Lanterns will be vital to coordinating a working, safe castle at night-time, but will also give your position away to the enemy should you use them during a night-time raid! They might also prove to be a fire hazard if left lying around in wooden forts 😉

Workshops are going to have a quick overhaul to all fit into 3×3 and use a unified interface of construction and destruction – this means less potential clutter in a builder’s F menu as we add more workshops, and that we can add more workshops in less time – the quarters with lantern in the shot above is an example of how the workshops are being converted graphically.

Sorry to all the people who’ll have to wait it out with crashing 228 KAG – we’re looking into the crash issues and have fixed most of them but we wont be able to release fixes until we have this build completed.

Know that we’re working our butts off on this release, and we’re making up for lost time for sure!

Keep the bugs flowing to as you find them – though please check for duplicates before reporting!


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