Maintenance Debrief/Lessons Learned

The maintenance referenced in the previous post did not go as planned – it took significantly longer than expected due to load on the database server — KAG has grown quite a bit since this type of work was last done, so my “dry runs” of this work on a test setup did not properly reflect what would happen in production.

This maintenance was cancelled after 1 hour without success and will be reattempted in the near future with the following changes:

– I will  take the forums, homepage, and bugtracker offline for maintenance using a page that will show or link to information explaining what is going on

– The maintenance will be announced repeatedly in the 24-48 hours leading up to it

– I will roll out a KAG update which understands when maintenance is going on based on a signal from the API so that error messages can inform users what is going on instead of timing out

Thanks for your understanding as we work to improve KAG and prepare it for the future 🙂


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