Map/Server Ingenuity by OnR

The guys at OnR have done something very interesting with a map in their server, [FR] OnR Server – 24 Slots (click to join, gold only), that really tests how well you understand the details of how movement and jumping work in King Arthur’s Gold.

You can see from the minimap above that this is not your typical gold server – but rather a maze which relies on very precise and calculated moves to get through all of the obstacles.  I saw this while scrolling through the server browser and decided to join, and before long 3 of the 4 devs were on there grunting and groaning and trying to get through it all (Geti surely would have joined us but he just went to sleep).

Kudos to the person who took the time to design this map, and we look forward to seeing more of this as we release features over the next month which further enable custom game modes and server configurations/modifications.  

(Side note: the new server browser properly deals with custom game modes – so if you have a modification on an existing one, by all means change the game mode in gamemode.cfg and it will show up as a new filterable game mode in the game mode filter list)

If server side scripting goes as planned, it will enable community developers/server admins to take an idea like this and turn it into a thorough game mode – things like having a timer/race aspect (perhaps with the water slowly rising to penalize those who fall behind), writing to custom log files or a custom API to generate logs/statistics, custom endgame scenarios without having to manipulate flag captures, and so on.

Discuss your dreams about the endless possibilities of server modification/scripting at the forums

edit: It sounds like BlueLuigi, MOLE and possibly others have done something similar in the past – so consider this a hat tip to them as well 🙂

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