Merry Xmas!

We’d like to wish everyone following KAG development and playing the game a happy and wonderful xmas. May you have power in your sword, aim in your arrow and strength and wisdom in your hammer to build the best unpenetrable castles.

Got some good news. The IndieDB Awards for 2011 have ended and King Arthur’s Gold got a really significant award. Despite being still in alpha stage it captured IndieDB’s founder attention. It seems it is his favorite game. I know why, because it is awesome fun!

We’ve got a lot of good stuff coming after holidays in a few days. As you probably see there won’t be any release right now. We aimed to release a little something before Christmas but unfortunately I got a bad cold and was out of service for 3 days. Bad timing, but things like this happen. I’m a little sad because we have a ton of stuff done and it could be shared but I don’t want to release anything untested and then leave it for the holidays. So we are aiming now for something before New Year’s.

Once again Merry Xmas and stay tuned. Exciting times ahead of us!


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