Modding Showcase Applications

Attention any modders keen for exposure!

We’re planning on doing a modding showcase video to be posted to youtube and steam, and are interested in fun mods to show. Mods suggested should have some graphical changes that would be evident in video, and ideally a PG-13 compatible name to be overlayed on the video ;^)

Mods need to either be simple to set up for offline recording or have a server hosting them (post a resources link or the name of the server in the thread). We’ll post a list of displayed mods along with a link or server name in the video description.

I’ll be approaching a few of the modders I’m closer to directly but I’m sure I’ll miss a few gems out there. This is also probably a good time to clean up and “publish” any mods you’ve had in development for a while if you want some extra “free” attention. Looking forward to seeing your best!



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