New Build This Week

We’re working towards releasing a new build of KAG this week, with many improvements for the average player, modders, and server admins.

  • Bans and Whitelist Fixed
    A long standing issue with bans has been fixed, and the whitelist has also been fixed for those that want private servers. Bans by username, and IP should work properly again. As a bonus, ban reasons now work and are reflected in the blacklist file and under /listbans
  • Server Browser more Intuitive
    We’ve added colour support to the server browser, so official servers will show up gold, and modded servers will show up blue. This gives players more visual cues without clicking anything, so they’re better informed as to what they’re joining. The “vanilla only” filter will also automatically turn itself off after a day of being registered so that new players can more easily find modded servers.
  • More TDM Maps
    Exactly what it says on the tin 🙂 Many community maps, from 8x, Asumagic, Joiken, and kodysch have been included in the default map cycle, and a larger one from Sgnt_Sneaky-Pants has been included separately in case any hosts want to run a different TDM experience.
  • Mapycle Randomisation Fixed
    Hosts may have noticed that the randomisation was quite lacking before, it should be quite a bit more engaging now, especially useful for TDM or small CTF servers.

There are a couple of miscellaneous fixes in the mix as well, but you’ll have to wait for the changelog for those. Should be out on Friday if testing goes smoothly.



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