New map format

Today I’m creating a new map format called simply .kag. Right now map saving is done via PNG files. So each map is in fact a bitmap that you can edit in a paint program. This is cool and easy to edit however it is very limited because you can only save tiles and simple objects. The new map format will be able to save and load the entire world with all map objects and their current state. This means we’ll be able to create little single player maps with zombies on them, make multiplayer campaigns with “stories”, put catapults with specific amount of rocks in them, save castles with rooms, drop items and make them available for discovery and much much more. The old PNG format will remain for compatibility and ease of use.

In other news..  we crossed over 2500 full version sales. Thanks everyone for supporting us! We have a terrific community and as you can see we are working hard now to deliver that full version content.


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