Plans for this week

Long time no update!

Plan for this week is to fix a few “annoying” bugs (things like not being able to rebind certain keys, missing class icons on the scoreboard, and maybe a few admin niggles), and to make a start on modding documentation.

Modding documentation will cover the exact layout of all the functionality that’s exposed by the scripting interface – we’ll start with the most important classes and get that documentation released asap so that we can have feedback on what works and what doesn’t about the format we’ve chosen, and the level of detail each function is covered in. This should really help modders avoid getting discouraged when they can’t figure out how to do something – having a searchable repository of everything the engine can do will be an important fallback for novice modders and should help improve the overall quality of mods.

Aim is to have those annoying bugs, ban flags, and the first stage of documentation done by Christmas. MM and I should be able to tick at least two of those three, one of them is something we don’t have direct control over, but have been told will be addressed asap.

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