Premium KAG and The Future.

We figured we should shed some light on where we’re going with KAG. As such, hit the jump for a rough roadmap of where we want to go (it has pictures!)

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What is coming next?

New game modes:

  • Team Deathmatch

    – Quick, to the point combat without any extra objectives.

  • Creative Mode

    – For all those Minecrafters out there that want to construct castles in a peaceful environment.

  • Tutorial / Challenges

    – Mini games that allow you to practice your sword or archery skills by shooting at apples, trees, ducks or bison, as well as helping new players find their feet in-game.

New constructions:

  • Giant Boulder – did you watch Indiana Jones? You will be able to make a giant boulder to crush your foes
  • Bomb Workshop – a castle room that allows the construction of bombs.
  • Quarters – castle room used for spawning and healing.
  • New contraption and room construction mechanics.

  • Modifications to how the current castles function as well as Wooden buildings!

  • More varied vegetation.
  • New semi-procedural epic soundtrack by David Pencil (composer of Penny Arcade)
  • GUI improvements including a better server browser

What’s coming in KAG Premium?

Even more game modes!

  • WAR

    Each team has a small wooden castle consisting of a spawn point “hall” room on start. Over the course of the game teams construct forts and outposts and push forwards to raid each other’s constructions. If all of one team’s spawn points have been destroyed and all team’s players are killed the attacking team wins. NOTE: This game will represent a culmination of a lot of other work, as it’ll introduce RTS elements. Mainly rooms, a complex inventory system, and many more items.


    (can be played in single player mode) One survivor or team builds a fort for the upcoming Army of the Dead invasion. The goal is to survive as long as possible. Continually repair defenses and fight the undead!

  • “Mongolian Horde”

    A spin on the survival mode where the attacking team has more advanced AI and uses the player classes. They’ll be able to find paths, dig, use archers and lay siege to your castle in a more articulate way.

Now, let’s break down WAR mode because we feel that this is the most valuable part of paid KAG:

  • Day/Night cycle

    – There will be time and a time limit in the game. It will be indicated by the change of lighting in the game. Battles at sun dawn or at night with full starry night are coming. This won’t be just a gimmick because fighting at night will add fog of war allowing for sneak attacks under cover.

  • Siege Towers
  • Siege Workshop

    – allow the construction of movable classic medieval siege machines, including Battering Ram, Canopy and Ballista!

  • Upgrade Bomb Workshop to Demolition Workshop to build Powder Kegs for massive wall destruction!
  • Items and Workshops

    – Construct chests which can store larger quantities of materials – Food: Roast Meat and Turnip, Bread, Boiled eggs, Cakes, Soups, Potions… – Create bowls for food & potion making, boulder, statue and a vases for ornamentation

  • Animals

  1. What you see on the picture above plus:
  2. Rabbits – fast; must be hunted down by archer
  3. Firefly – lights up dark caves
  • Single-player challenges

    Custom maps and campaigns for offline play.

  • Gold Servers Access – gold servers are servers that only allow premium players to play. This means more friendly, more cooperative and griefer free games.
  • Avatar customization – heads, hats and haircuts! this will affect both in game appearance and potentially appearance in the chat presentation:

  • Multiplayer Map Editor – that’s right. One of the very few in existence real-time, multiplayer map editors. This means you can edit maps in collaborative mode with friends.
  • Honorable community membership – all premium players names are yellow and have a star next to their name on every server (free & premium) on the scoreboard
  • Access to hidden section of Official KAG Forums
  • SNES mode! – turn your hardware into an old NTSC TV and a Super Nintendo. Also with 8-bit sounds!
  • Most importantly, you’ll be supporting independent game development and ensuring we get some return for our work, so you can sleep easy 😉

If you want to get in early and beat the slow increase in price over time:


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