Quotes from Testing Day 1:

A selection of quotes from today’s testing, which will be ongoing until the build is released:

yeah it’s damn fun.

I love those one undead with the mad jumping skills

mfw per-generator map sizes

hwoo that was fun
oh just played a really long game
made a big castle and got deep underground
im sorry but i do not have many glitches to report

and now i pass out

why is it in japanese

i fell through underground floor into a pit full of zombies because of the rubble
twas a good death

this is fking epic
the exploders
try kegs neat
damn i havent even tried kegs yet

man it was really fun just to have a knight following a builder, both with lanterns, exploring the caves

:D:D tiny army

i love the darkness
it’s amazing
night mode too
I love it till I’m in it 😀
nah, it’s still fun then, blind fighting zombies.
lanterns can be used as zombie distractions too
what, do they try to eat it?
same as bombs
bombs are more effective 😉

Now you know some of the people to pester for info I guess 😉 They’re sworn on pain of death not to distribute anything at this point though, except maybe some screenshots.

We’re entering the polishing phase of this build. It’s going to be a doozy, there’s so much stuff you’ll barely believe it… until you’re playing it all. We’ll keep you posted with more commentary as the days go on, hoping to have it wrapped up and ready by next week!


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