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Gotta say guys, we don’t have time to answer all the PMs we’re getting about how to tweak such and such variable or how to figure out a certain aspect of modding – please ask on IRC and try to figure it out yourself, because you’re more likely to get an answer that way.

I’m getting 12+ PMs a day on the forums about bugs, water and modding vars, where the information is either freely available, available by consulting other members of the community, or should become pretty clear upon inspection. Answering these is unmaintainable and wastes a lot of development time.

As such, please ask on the forums or IRC about modding, and search for bugs. Report bugs at the latter address as well, for those that don’t know – be sure to include as much useful information as you can. We simply don’t have time to make a game, answer queries in specific threadsandhelp you out with modding your zombies. If you can’t figure it out, someone else will be able to help you.

For bonus points, if you figure something new out, put it on the wiki so that it becomes public knowledge.


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