Read if you have lag in a game

If you’re playing on a server and bombs are twitching and collapses look funny and laggy then most likely the server can’t handle the action and the player count.

Please read this note in order to have an optimal and fun experience in KAG:


– first of all we don’t support more than 32 players, the server owner can set the player limit to whatever he wants to but we know the game won’t perform fully

– check if it’s not your internet connection that is the problem (is it fast in other games? check it with

– you should have low ping times in games, under 100ms

– turn off all external programs (especially file downloads and Steam patching)

– use the Quick Join buttons or sort servers by ping in the browser ( – join green and yellow)

– there are a lot of 30 player servers out there that simply cannot take the load and are lagging, we kindly ask to not play on these servers. Our official servers have 20 players and the we find that with this setting the game is most fun and optimal performance-wise

– just join servers with up to 24 players, try a different one if it’s lagging


Some things that might help run the game smoother:

– turn off help texts by pressing F1

– update your video drivers

– switch off “uncapped framerate” in Settings

– switch off “smooth shader” in Settings

– switch ON “faster graphics” in Settings

– turn off all music in Settings

– lower the resolution

– try fullscreen versus windowed

– turn off minimap (press [M] until it’s gone)

– avoid TTH with over 20 players

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