Short update on the Beta + screenshots

  1. We are working like mad people on the beta nearly everyday
  2. We aren’t posting any news because we are elbows deep in internal testing, so everyone that is testing is in the news loop (we neglected the public blog, but this will change when the official beta release happens)
  3. The game has undergone ~4 massive gameplay re-iterations over the last 2 months. We are striving to make this the most fun, engaging and balanced multiplayer war game ever made.
  4. I think we achieved this, that’s why I’m confident to post that we are there and the public release will happen this month or next month at most.
  5. Here are some screenshots (no time for videos because I’m making an official beta launch trailer video which will show how epic this game is)


+ sneakpeak of the official press kit screenshots


KAG Beta requires you to buy the game to play. So if you haven’t done that already do it now here before the noob rush when the game becomes official and arrives on Steam 🙂

It’s just 10 bucks and an infinite amount of fun + you can unlock it later on Steam.


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