Steam Achievements, latest update, sale on Steam

Hey everyone!

The build we released before the weekend should curb some of the issues people have had with the graphics code, it also adds a few more achievement fixes, fixes a few menu issues, and makes localhost mods work again, which is important for testing them and for offline modded play.

Let us know here if you continue to have issues, please!

KAG Achievements

Also, to celebrate the Steam Achievements update, you can now grab KAG for 15% off on Steam.

Here’s the full changelog:

[fixed] save the princess fade out
[fixed] save the princess flashing screen
[removed] eternal love (princess kissing after death)
[added] achievement unlock sound
[fixed] servers browser and settings overlapping esc menu
[modified] servers browser and settings center on screen
[fixed] problems with CTF mapcycle
[fixed] crash on warboat unpack
[fixed] warboat unpack counting as cap
[added] achievement unlock sound
[fixed] localhost mods not working
[modified] no border forced on windowed mode (too many complaints)
[modified] screen forcibly resized is just a warning now, doesn't change any values


Have Fun!


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