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Trench Run Build 15 Released!

Mandatory after-launch patch with some good bug fixes and quality of life improvements. Also lets celebrate the Steam launch with a  -50% sale on the in-game items.
Have fun!
And invite friends!


[added] lobby players in other games in scoreboard
[modified] a bit quicker team briefing in Run
[modified] improved medic bot AI
[modified] bots arent so afraid of remote bomb
[added] slightly better steam auth error handling
[removed] unranked servers button (temporarily)
[modifed] blinking healing icon
[modified] lobby music plays infinitely until someone makes it stop

PS. Please e-mail if you bought TR earlier and you want a Steam key.

[Trench Run] Assault class bots GIF

I’m coding the AI for assault class bots. Here’s some action footage.


[Trench Run] Introducing Trench Run

This game started in May, I have just coded the M16 example mod for KAG and asked Geti to draw the M16. I think when drawing it he started itching for painting more pixel rifles. He said something along the lines of “let’s do a Soldat remastered in the KAG engine”. I said “F*** that, I’m not a 60 year old rock musician to do remastered versions”. But then a thought came to me “why not do Soldat:Trench Wars”?

‘Trench Wars’ was a Soldat mod I used to play years ago. It had realistic damage, no jet packs and a wide horizontal maps where you could play “tug of war” between 2 teams. It was enjoyable and it was something that would be easy to do (but even better) with KAG’s modding functionality.

We’re craving for some good multiplayer run & gun game. Simple cooperative/team mechanics, lots of explosions and pixel gore mixed with some tongue-in-cheek features. That’s ‘Trench Run’ in a nut shell.

Expected features:

  • two opposing teams
  • multiplayer tug of war
  • singleplayer / cooperative mode against bots
  • 5 classes + civilian
  • truce phase + mario secret level/bonus phase
  • 8 colors!
  • no bs controls (arrows + A + B – gamepad supported)
  • fog of war (emphasis on hiding and listening)
  • poker
  • booze

More details will be posted soon with some class introductions, screens, gifs and movies. Stay tuned.

We consider this a short project. It should be done in 2-3 months. After we’re done with a beta testing phase it should be available, as a stand-alone, on our website and Steam.

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