The great KAGoween Tournament

Some higher-ups in the community have been working hard to get together a Tournament between 4 of the larger and better known clans – MOLE, YB, BoW, and POWER.

Its a 5v5 fast CTF tournament with rules similar to the Action Servers (vanilla with better bomb jumps), with some extra restrictions on class changes, class numbers and a small number of units.

The action will start today (or tomorrow, depending on where you are), the 27th of October, at 21:00 UST

The games will be streamed and commentated on by WanderMark and Contrary via twitch tv »here«! This will help take the load off the servers that a pile of open spectator slots would create, at the cost of a few seconds of latency for the audience.

There is a forum discussion thread for those that want to smack talk, place wagers on who’s best (actual gambling not endorsed by us in any way, etc etc), here.

If this goes well, WanderMark is confident they’ll be hosting more open and larger contests in the future, with the possibility of gold accounts and of course a dramatic ego “extension”, so be sure to show your support and say you want more of them 🙂


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