There was meant to be Build 926 Today…

Instead, steam integration bugs that were merged into mainline have prevented release – while it isn’t essential to run KAG through steam, there have been a few integration points that have required changes to the “normal” behind the scenes stuff.

The funniest/most annoying of these currently is everyone’s name getting a 2 applied to it (locally and on net) as if they are the second to join. We had a good testing session with JTG2, sinnertie2, Monsteri2, Lieber2, Geti2, Mazey2 and bst Kouji (because clantags seemed to avoid the bug).

In a way it’s a good thing, because it means all the steam integration bugs are exposed to testers and can be fixed asap, but it’s bad because its another day without votekick, without modding fixes, without extra heads, and means that steam deadlines are again, quite dicey.

However, we’ve found that we’re able to give more or less whoever we want access to the game via steam, so we will probably do that this week for players who have already bought the game, to properly test the steam integration stuff before we launch it. We’ll tell you when and how you should request a key.

MM has set a tentative steam deadline for Monday, and these bugs shouldn’t prevent us from reaching that, though they sure to mean it’ll probably be a close shave.

Next build will have fixes or partial fixes for the 3 major repeated concerns I’ve been hearing from everyone:

  • Not enough heads
  • Falling through terrain
  • Missing votekick

As such, I’m as anxious for a patch as the next guy, very disappointed we couldn’t get it out tonight.

More as it comes; figured we should keep you updated while we try to get this thing out; bear with us.


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