This week’s cool stuff

Things that we’ve been working on this week:

  • Water (with simple tide/waves)
    This is quite a bit of fun – it still needs some tweaking to suit gameplay properly but making a diving board and fighting underwater are enjoyable.
  • Wooden blocks (weaker, but only cost wood)
    These can be used for rapidly fortifying areas (make full use of those mats) and to construct less vital parts of towers.
    It might become necessary to build these before building stone blocks, but we’ll see about that down the line. For now, wooden towers!

    (With the two above additions, its only a matter of time before we introduce fire…)

  • Shield bashing is back in the game, with variables now bound to config vars in gamemode. We’re still working on dealing with lag as there’s a fair bit of warping with latency, but it prevents the slash2win strategy that’s applied in knight combat this build. We had a lot of fun bouncing Rayne down hills to get it more balanced, but it’s possible to re-create old giant shieldbashes and to make shield bashing happen just from walking into someone and so on.

There have been a few fixes (/loadmap now works for configs, and /savemap doesn’t append .kag no matter what, a few technical things) and Ryan/FLAB is making good headway with some more API stuff that will reduce server load quite a bit during peak times, but most importantly we’re working on block colliders that can move around, carry players and crush them against walls.

Its early days yet, but this should lead to config defined building blocks, and building blocks larger than one tile. It’s also already lead to Michal testing a rudimentary smasher, which was a smashing success. You can have a look at the video here as I cant figure out how to embed into this post, heh.

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