TR Build 8 – Medic and Commando, New Maps, First Costume, and More!

Hey guys and girls,

I’ve decided to keep the build info separate today as the KAG one isn’t through testing yet. TR has a few issues still, but has been moved across accounts on the USA server, and the improvements are still playable. Bear with us on the known issues.


  • Medic now starts a heal timer on anyone touched, which can be reset by any damage. This improves your chances of getting revived even with poor communication (eg: bots/new players) but reduces the medics ability to heal while under fire.
  • Commando Flash Bangs are now a grenade that can be thrown at the enemy or dropped at your feet. There are some issues with these that need tweaking but they’re much better than the self-flash.
  • Engineer crates actually do damage (engineer is still a contended design though – I’ll talk more about that on the forums)
  • New maps for all biomes in Run, which should give it a little more variety.
  • Coin GUI for win/loss in Run mode.
  • Costumes in Lobby, available for purchase from the VIP bar. There’s only one for now (a simple super hero suit) but now that the code for it is working we can add more and more. We’re aiming for at least 16 different costumes as a base. They are not visible in-game for gameplay clarity and ease-of-development reasons. Costumes are persistent within a region (like coins).
  • Default Gender is generated randomly at first launch. This determines your un-costumed appearance in the lobby, and can be changed with /cl_sex in the console or autoconfig.cfg.
  • Fixed a bunch of exploits and small bugs that don’t really need repeating.


Known Issues:

  • All coin amounts have been reset on USA. Sorry, this is as a result of the account switch over and we’ll try to avoid this in future.
  • Leaderboards should be persistent and properly sorted, but dont seem to be rendering properly. We’ll fix this as soon as we can next week.


As always, you can get access to the online part of the game right now by purchasing at for just $8, or get a 4 pack to share for $16 (half price). You can ensure the game runs on your machine by downloading the client and playing offline.

Have Fun!

Max and Michał

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