[TR] Demo Build 2!

Hey folks! Time for a new demo build of Trench Run!

Make those shots count, snipers, as there’s more cooldown before you can fire again!

This build is to polish up a few issues before moving onto the online multiplayer stuff, which will be coming quite soon to those that have pre-ordered. Friendly reminder that you can preorder at to support development, and for early preview access to the full version builds, including online builds as soon as they’re out. The demo will remain free of charge.

A sneak peek at the new mountain biome coming to supporters soon!

This build contains balance and map tweaks, and a lot of bug fixes and general changes – here’s a look at the changes in depth:

Balance Tweaks

  • The sniper recycle times have been increased so there’s a full 1 second between shots – this makes the class less spammy and more tactical.
  • The engineer drops crates closer to itself, to avoid dropping crates “behind” people in some situations.
  • The engineer can steer the missile more accurately.

Map Tweaks

  • Lots of small choke points and unreachable ladders have been fixed or tweaked.
  • Some extra auto-tiling and map smoothing has been added, particularly applying to the vegetation tiles.

Bug Fixes and Miscellaneous

  • The commando doesn’t start “holding the air” every round.
  • “Setup” was renamed to “Options” after it confused a few people.
  • Emoticons removed (at least for now) as they have something to replace them planned + they dont work properly in local multi.
  • A lot of non-demo or old content stripped out to prevent too much speculation.
  • Readme and T+C patched – no more KAG readme, relevant credits included, and the T+C is much much more concise and relevant.
  • Fixed a bug where extra bots would spawn when sv_bots was set non-zero.
  • Fixed the volume slider stuff in the menu.
  • Fixed cant climb ladder from ground with up.
  • Fixed a keys lockup with the engineeer.

It’s much easier to get missiles around corners, at least when they’re at low speed!

There’ll be a few more tweaks to make to the demo build before moving on, but after that it’ll be onto online play, new gamemodes and a lot more!

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Have Fun!

Max and Michal

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