[TR] Demo is Live!

It’s the 28th! That means you can now grab the first demo build of Trench Run! Keep in mind that this is not an online multiplayer version of the game; it’s a preview release to let you experience the game with friends or bots ASAP.

Get it here!

Quite a lot of changes have been made in the last week; adapting to constant expo and other dev feedback, so there might be some stuff in there that’s under-tested. That said, the game stood up well to being projected on the wall and played and spectated by rows of (possibly drunk) people, so we’re pretty confident you’ll enjoy yourselves.

What to expect:

  • Quick turnaround, couch-friendly skirmish mode
  • Four classes designed to be as orthagonal as possible
  • Bullet spamming and tactical nades as Assault
  • Best *blam chk chk* experience out there as Sniper
  • Rockets and crates, crates, crates as Engineer
  • Sneaky backstabbing flashbanging action as Commando

What’s Coming:

  • All the good stuff from the preorder poster.

  • Most important “Not Included Yet” points:
    • Online Multiplayer
    • Bigger/Longer/Sillier Game Modes
    • More Maps, Music and Overall Polish
    • A new class

What to keep in mind:

  • This is the initial release; everything’s subject to change etc etc etc. Standard “preview build” disclaimer stuff here, you should know the drill by now.
  • We’re a bit fried from A MAZE Berlin, so some of the more recent changes might be a little rough. Let us know if there’s anything broken that we’ve missed.
  • Have fun! It’s not a “serious” game and definitely a change of pace from KAG (or soldat!), so be sure to go in with an open mind and a smile on your face.
  • The game works best and is tested most on windows.
  • You’ll get a feel for some of it playing alone with a keyboard with bots, but TR is best enjoyed with four gamepads, four (or more) good friends, your choice of beer or wine (adults only of course) and a fat squishy couch.

Get it here!

Currently the game is available for pre-order for 33% off, with a four pack available at a rate of 50% so you and your couch buddies can continue playing together when the online modes come. Steam keys will of course be included once the game is on steam. You can buy it on the page above.

Have Fun!

Max, Michal, and everyone at THD

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