TR Interim Build

Hey guys and girls, as some of you may have noticed there’s a new Trench Run build out, but no post!

MM had to get the build out in a hurry as things in the test build people were crashing upon joining a new server, but didn’t have time to make a post before leaving. We’ll be sorting out the hosting infrastructure properly over the coming weeks to avoid this kind of mess-up.

This build mainly features a full set of new maps in Run mode, Sniper changes (slower recycle and 10 shots of ammo) and more elaborate “login failed” messages.

It also apparently has some diagnostics for those having trouble entering things using the shift key on OSX, but MM wasn’t very clear about how that was supposed to work. You may need to run the game from the command line to check for debug output that looks like keycode (number) shift (number) – let us know if those numbers match when you press the shift key I guess? Sorry that I cant be more clear on this, I wasn’t left with much information.

There are a few crash fixes in the mix as well (in case anyone was trying to paste image data into the game and wondering why it crashed), though we’re still waiting to hear back on the OSX crash fixes.

Enjoy the build and let us know asap if there are any major issues you’re experiencing.

As always you can buy the game for only $8 at – You’ll get download links by email once you link the key with your account.
We’ll make these easier to find soon, sorry for the hassle!

Have Fun!

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