Trench Run – Free Preview Build Available!

Hey everyone! You can download the online preview release of trench run here!

This preview is in the EU region – there will be preview weeks in US and AU regions in future, but for this week we’re afraid most will have to deal with some lag. Pick the more ping-friendly classes: assault, medic, and commando.

Bring your friends or make new ones in the lobby!


Unfinished content:

  • Menus, GUI, and Settings
    The menus and gui are a placeholder currently, and a lot of settings (most importantly your name on start) dont save themselves. This will be addressed in future versions, however the number of options is likely to remain very minimal in any future preview releases.
  • Engineer
    The engineer in general leaves a lot to be desired. The rocket riding is fun but causes issues with hit registration a lot of the time. The rocket itself desyncs a lot. And the crates need a total rethink. In short, expect a lot of changes to the engineer.
  • Medic
    The overall design of the medic class (defend, resupply and heal – hard support) is good, particularly when teaching someone else the game – but the GUI and presentation in general needs some love.
  • AI
    The AI is borderline drunk in many cases. You’ll want a human 5v5 for best experience (though 2 players can still have a fun skirmish)
  • Maps
    The current maps are just a single example of the kind of map we have planned for each biome. There will be multiple maps per biome, eventually.
  • Chat
    The chat system is an interim measure just to get anything at all in there (the KAG chat doesn’t work, there’s not enough screen real estate). It will be replaced with a system based on the faces that appear at the start of a Run game.


Stuff that’ll only be in supporter releases:

  • booze, cards, live band, and other lobby distractions
  • character skins
  • persistent coins
  • multiple lobby tiers
  • proper coverage of AU, US, EU regions
  • offline play


Known issues: (incomplete list, but this is the major stuff)

  • settings not saved (will be dealt with asap)
  • rendering tearing/glitching
  • pixel stretching when on non-default resolution
  • engineer rockets desync and sometimes dont do damage
  • clipping into walls with crates or rockets or very high speed from explosions causes problems
  • possible to double-up classes in run with some latency on join
  • sniper trail renders through tiles that it destroyed (with lag)
  • players sometimes desync dead (looks alive, but moves “glitchy” and is dead on their screen)
  • some sync errors in the lobby resulting in “weird” games – please report any exact circumstances you can find


Have fun!

Max & Michał

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