Trench Run Free Weekend (5th to 7th February)

Today we’re happy to announce the next Trench Run Free Weekend!

It will run from the 5th to the 7th Feb 2016 (so you can join a server this very moment). Set aside some time to play the game, particularly if you haven’t had time yet, as it’s almost finished!


Free Code: c181933f78095bf13dfd786a45f072db
Download Here:​

The free weekend code can be redeemed for this weekend only, and will be removed from any accounts after the event is over. There is no separate build to download, just grab your OS version the download page! Redeem your code in the user panel after logging in on the Trench Run site. You’ll find all the required info on our forums.


By participating and posting on the forums you’ll help us improve the game before the launch! See you at the bar!

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