Wall Running Experiments

We’re dissatisfied with the current wall run due to the strain it puts on people’s hands and keyboards, and the infinite wall climbing it gives knights. We’ve been looking into fun, no nonsense, no keymashing alternatives.

Here’s one I came up with today:

Note that I wasn’t mashing the keys the whole time, and the distance from contact with the wall to not being able to run any more is finite – around 3 blocks (give or take vaulting).

At the end, when I fall into the spikes, I hit the wall too early and ran out of steam before I could make it to safety – while I could have walljumped at that point, I didn’t think of it in time :^)

Happily, this makes chimneying a breeze, even with funny corners. As long as you remember to keep swapping sides, you can chimney up anything – you have to swap sides because of the height limitation, but thankfully you can do this by tapping A and D as you hold W.

You know sometimes you just miss the edge of a jump, and get that sour taste in your mouth of knowing your dude could have clambered the extra tile if he just put his back into it? Well, if you’re making a somewhat sensible jump, that works with this new type of wallrunning:

Overall its a lot more predictable than the older walljump and wallrun system, involves no mashing of keys and is pretty consistent between classes – no more infinite jumping up walls as knight, but you can use slash to get a few extra tiles of height and maybe catch that pesky archer.

I’ll be working on it more after fixing some “interesting” spawn bugs in CTF – I’m not sure about the rotation but if it’s not there, it’ll probably need a dedicated animation. Thoughts on all this are welcome :^)


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