Weekly Log – Campaign Progress, the Medic, and KAG Delays

This has been a week of ups and downs; some good progress was made but both Max and Michal were under the weather for the first half of the week. We ended up prioritising TR work over getting a KAG build out, and while we’re sorry for the delay, we don’t want to rush it and cause more work for us and headaches for you down the line. We’ll bump it up to a higher priority for next week.

Most of our time this week was spent getting the team-based campaign mode into a partially working state. Campaign features larger maps, 5v5 action, and an enforced full range of classes (every class is present on both teams). We’re taking some leeway with the maps to provide a clear “main route” that everyone can take without any help, and routes that require destroying debris, planks, or crates to get through, to allow more than one approach from both teams to keep gameplay fresh even with just one set of maps. Maps are mostly symetrical, with some asymetrical elements in the centre.

A sniper and commando rush to take control of the middle on a draft of the forest campaign map. Where their allies are, noone can say.

This week has also seen work on the new Medic class. The Medic will only be available in team modes, and has no primary attack. To make up for this, the Medic has three support actions; the large riot shield can be used to protect allies and reflect enemy bullets, ammo box supplies can be dropped often, and the Medic can (as its name suggests) heal any fallen allies as well.

A team-mode-exclusive new class, the Medic, leaps into the fray!

We think that this class will have a very important role in helping the team move forward against camping teams (as they can provide moving, rather than stationary cover). However, we’re aware that the “non combat” role will turn some players off, and that this will ruffle feathers with the mandated class balance of campaign – CPU players are available, however for cases where a group of players don’t want to include a certain class, or for low-population times of day.

Some work was also done on the recreational elements of the lobby (in particular, the bar!), but details will have to wait for a future post. Stay tuned to this blog, the forums (here), twitter (@thdtweet and @1bardesign), or facebook (here) for the latest development news!

Have Fun!


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