Weekly Log – TR Soundtrack Preview, Lobby Progress, API Fixes, KAG Build Inbound

Hey everyone, sorry for the late log, here’s what’s happened this week at THD!

For those who missed it last week, you can listen to a preview of the main theme on youtube:

We’re committed to this gypsy style but we’re keen to hear what people think of it as well; what sort of feelings and images it conjures up for our players.

Lobby progress this week has been good; the old lobbies have been converted to the new truck system and it all feels quite a bit more polished and fun. There are still some issues getting all the servers to talk to each other promptly for things like synchronising coin changes, but the system is mostly working, with trucks coming and taking people off to games, and testers able to gain and lose coins based on the outcome of the games. So far, the coins are just used for entry costs for games (harder lobbies cost more per game), but we have plans to allow spending them to change outfits, buy booze, bet on card games and perhaps high-stakes duelling!

For now, you can spend your coins on the driver’s fuel money,
and ammunition costs! ;^)

Campaign mode (the major team-based TR mode) is not yet properly functional, but will be our main priority for next week now that most of the lobby stuff is working. We’re really excited to start experimenting with the class interactions that become possible in a 5v5.

The API Issues that have been plaguing hosts have been investigated a little more and we may have found a workaround, thanks to Asumagic from the community for giving us a tip-off on a modded partial solution. Thankfully, we avoided touching the API Client code, which would be a very big job to rewrite, and is not friendly to modification. For players, this will mean fewer unstable servers, should the changes work as intended. These changes will affect KAG and TR.

In KAG-specific news, we’ve had some issues with new menu code and still need to test various balance changes that have been applied. Our plan is to disable the new menus until they can be properly tested accross all platforms, and take the balance changes and reversions through their paces. We’ll try for a build next week, but it’s quite a busy time, so at worst we’ll keep you informed and aim for the following week.

Have Fun!


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