What’s next?

Challenges? check

CTF? check

What are we working on next?

Of course:

  • tweaking gameplay
  • fixing bugs
  • making the game run faster
  • adding new maps

But you know us? We have fire in our bellies and can’t just stop. The major things you should expect this week are:

  • Mod downloading
    This means any mod used by the server in the Mods folder and specified in mods.cfg will be automatically downloaded for everyone on joining the server. Awesome! We are doing this in a no bullshit manner. I’m just providing file download functionality and the rest is handled by you, humble server owners, mod makers and players.
  • Faster patcher
    We all know autoupdating is too god damn slooow. Geti fixed this by making the patcher threaded. There’s still a bug that needs fixing but should be ready along with mod downloading (which is nearly done, just needs testing)
  • Steam integration
    We are heading full force towards the biggest milestone – launching KAG on Steam. Existing players will be able to launch KAG from Steam and automatically login and bind their existing accounts. New Steam customers will be able to join the game in the same manner from Steam without the need of creating an account on
  • Steam launch
    This will happen next month.
  • Zombies?
    We (main devs) aren’t directly creating this. I can say they are coming along. The sprites are already done by Geti and they look sweet. Zombies should come in some way or the other after the Steam launch.

Have fun!


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