Workshops Week

“But we already have workshops…”, you’re thinking to yourselves.

Well, that may be true, but you don’t have workshops like we’re working on workshops. Literally all of the functionality is squirreled away in scripts, meaning that you can make workshops do whatever the hell you want them to do, build menus for them from nothing OR tweak the stock shops with ease. The workshop code will be a great place to start learning AngelScript for those new to C-like languages.

Technology research is partway done, the system reads and writes technologies properly but doesn’t quite update the menu of the research shop yet, that’s something for next week. 🙂
Here’s a shot of me tending my new garden. How quaint:
We’re thinking you’ll likely be able to hock possessions throughout the game on some sort of export market for coins, so those flowers would be uprooted quicksmart for some dosh. This means minecrafters aren’t quite as much of a waste of space, since you can at least sell the fruits of their labour.

Michal has been working his butt off recoding several of the internal systems to be simpler to work with via configs, especially with regards to how sprites are handled. Entities can now have multiple layers of sprites, which means that with some clever scripting, complicated animations can be put together with what would otherwise have taken hundreds of frames (naturally noone wants to sprite that kind of thing!)

The entire physics system has also been rewritten to a point where we’re mostly happy with it (and it’s much easier to work with, both in pure configs and with scripting). Some more tweaking will probably happen next week as we start working with characters.

We’re working on making classes and actors non-hardcoded at the moment so that classes can be added and removed fairly trivially. We might not have time to add all the planned classes by the deadline, but we’ll have the groundwork done to get them done afterwards if need be.
…It’s not working properly just yet though, haha.

Tom got his excellent Seclev code out this week and I got to add a few extra variables to water to extend its applicability to deathmatch, which will hopefully see some adoption soon. Pretty sure Rayne is cooking up a tide based RTDM server.

Discuss these developments here!

Until next week,

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