Wrapping up zombies

We are officially wrapping up the zombies build. Not adding anything more. Fixing and tweaking the most important things. Consulting with the few happy testers and heading straight to the bliss of release.

This is gonna be like 30% of what we plan this mode to have but since this is still alpha we want to push this out so that you can have some fun. I personally haven’t gone more than an hour before dying and without stuff to do. I think this wil be your first impression when you play the zombie mode – there’s so much to do! And we’ll add even more later :).

The free version will have lots of additions and improvements as a collateral of working on the zombies.

No concrete date of release sorry. Its gonna be released when no bugs are present.

PS. We’ve gone past build 300 days ago. This means KAG is officially 300 days old/young.


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