Zombies Soon!

Soon enough you’ll be all like:

The zombies will be on your doorstep and you’ll be able to fight them as a team.

However, we’ve got to get some testing out of the way before that can happen – We’ll be working with a few core members of the community to make sure its as bug free as we can make it, as exploit proof as we can make it and balanced enough to keep you playing for weeks on end – while we continue porting over the old content to the new system to put an end to any and all of the wierd things that have been happening since B228.

We’re scheduling a tenatative release date for the week after next – I appreciate that that’s mid february rather than early but we’d rather make sure we’re getting it right. We may release early if we’re happy with it before then.

We’re going to keep the specifics of the mode under wraps – we want certain aspects of it to be a discovery for all of you. I’m sure some videos will make it out though 😉

In the next build there’ll be a few more fixes and miscellaneous features coming too, including some specifically requested by server owners – break_time_static working properly and a player list output to the filesystem each minute to name a few.

More info and some previews coming over the next week to tide you over.

Remember – the price raise ( $9.99 -> $12.50 ) will come at the same time as the release, if you want to snag KAG for under ten bucks its probably your last week 😉


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