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Update – servers auto-restarter

To smoothly transition into new builds I made a server auto-restarter which checks if there are any updates available (happens on map change) and then restarts the dedicated server to update into new version. Awesome right? No more manual restarting and empty server browser on new patch.

If you do not want your server to auto-restart just set this config:

sv_restart_on_update = 0


Buy 3 Copies Get One Free


We just added a 4-Pack to the Steam store page so you can buy 4 copies and get one free! Ideal to play the game coop with your 3 friends.

+++ Because of the release there’s still more discounts!

-10% until November 12. So when you buy the 4-Pack it’s total -35%
Only on Steam!

Enjoy the game. We are having a busy time but exciting with all the new players coming :).

Have fun!

New Quick Join Buttons


After you update your game to the latest version you’ll see some new things in the Multiplayer tab. I added 4 Quick Join buttons, one for every official multiplayer game mode. This is intended mostly for people that don’t wanna use the server browser or don’t know how.

The quick join prefers low ping, non-empty but less than 12 people, building time servers.

More patches and customizable quick join is coming, have fun!

Other changes in this hotfix:

[added] materials decay much faster on crowded servers

[modified] closing servers browser brings you back to multiplayer tab

[fixed] custom heads in singleplayer 

[added] spawn mats in sandbox

[modified] chat and scoreboard colors to less eye bleeding

[fixed] kill feed being very long (sometimes)

King Arthur’s Gold has hit Steam

It’s been a long journey but we are there. A lot more people can now enjoy our beloved game.


For people that have purchased before Steam:

How do I get a Steam Key?

1. I bought the game on your website/gamesrage/IGS/somewhere else

2. I bought the game on Desura

We are having difficulties setting up redeeming a Steam code for Desura purchases. Please forgive us and be patient until we solve this issue. Hopefully within a day or two.

How do I redeem the Steam Key?

Follow these instructions to get KAG on Steam

Final note:

After you get your key and install KAG on Steam. Launch KAG and LINK your existing account (you might need to provide your credentials this one time).

That’s it and have fun. Enjoy the crowded servers!


B932 – hotfixes for Steam

The changes in this patch were already live but we need to change the version number and make sure everyone is up to date. The game will be on Steam TODAY.

Stuff that was changed during the last 4 days:

[removed] old manual link from launcher
[removed] this is beta red text

[removed] console when launching with noconsole command (win32)

[added] afk kick reason

[modified] votes have possible inconclusive outcome 

(did not pass, did not fail, no action taken)

[fixed] can't click on last row of heads

[fixed] player name under hearts on HUD

[modified] login/passwords aligned to left in edit boxes

[removed] box2d limiter spam

[fixed] being able to imposter devs

[fixed] old files moved to Base/old

[added] message when not logged on Steam

[added] console logs for Steam errors


Funny beginners guide, check it out, especially if you just started and wanna learn.


The official King Arthur’s Gold trailer is here. Enjoy.

Give a hand to Kyle Carter (TheDr) for the voiceover and Sebastian Krośkiewicz for the music. Montage by MM.

New interview with MM on

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about KAG in interviews. Expect more to come, enjoy:

Build 928 – Pre-steam cleanup stuff + Heads

This build mostly has inaccessible steam-related fixes – HOWEVER

  • CTF Shops now keep their menu open – this is for quick buying, its a bit buggy in how it renders, but you can click multiple times to get multiple bombs now, enjoy!
  • Void Flag Fixed – no more void captures, naughty abusers.
  • Bashing Doors etc Fixed – No more bouncing off structures when shieldbashing.
  • Added Dwarf and Pirate heads – so you can be both kinds of gruff, hairy man, or strong independent woman ;^)
  • Fixed the HUD bug with the screen “freezing” on some computers – if you were plagued by that, enjoy!

We’ve got a bunch of steam things done too, and by all accounts it “should be out Monday”, so that’s great! It’s getting vetted by valve for release as we speak :^)

Of course, knowing our track record, MM will probably be frantically posting here on Monday, but fingers crossed things actually just go ahead as planned. In the meantime, enjoy the build! Servers should be up asap (sorry for the delay!)


On Name Changes and Impersonation

We appreciate that this new name change facility is magnificent fun and it’s awesome to be able to call yourself cupcake mcdickinson, or to have a server full of peasants…

That said, anyone found impersonating developers or using the functionality abusively may receive a one-day ban while we figure out what needs doing in the long term.

We will probably not police this particularly fervently as it’s very, very subjective, but if you do something as blatant as jump on a server as “Geti” or “MM” and start trying to trick people into thinking you’re us, extorting money or similar, you can expect a short ban to think about your actions :^)


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