Hey guys, figured I’d run something by you with a picture to boot that I think would help cut down on griefing – a server lobby.

We’ve all been a part of a game where someone logs in, bombs an outpost and leaves, or starts cutting up the castle, or something equally unscrupulous.

I figure a server lobby and the ability to lock teams and prevent people joining mid-game would prevent those sort of frustrating events because you’d know who you were going to play with before jumping into the game.

The server lobby would also serve as a configuration GUI for some of the more pressing options – Game rules, which map file or generator to use, whether teams are locked in-game, whether players can join mid-game, whether to only allow registered users, whether to only allow paid users, the minimum reputation to allow users to join, etc. Server admins could elect moderators to change some of these settings in their absence.

I think preserving the ability to have a fluid base of players would be important to some people so note that there’d be the ability to turn off all the additional options and even the lobby itself – ESPECIALLY TEAM LOCK AND JOIN BLOCKING.

So, KAG players, what’re your thoughts? This may or may not happen but we’re interested in what you think of this possibility.

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