More Mod Progress – Content updates

Towards the end of last week we were gearing up for testing, however some networking issues got in the way of getting it in the hands of testers, unfortunately. We’ll hopefully get that together over the next day or so, since we’d like to have the mod done by the end of the week.

Lots of progress was made on content though!

Bombs cause devastating explosions!

We’re going to add a nice delay to bombs to reduce the number of accidental explosions that are happening, but they’re quite functional so far.

Cannons firing!

The defense given by solid walls is invaluable. The cannons must be carefully aimed to take out tiles, but will kill players on any collision. They can be used to remotely detonate explosives as well!

Cannons can also be used to remove tiles you don’t want – this could be extended to torpedo or bomb or fighter boat release systems.

Cannons need to be carefully placed to get a good amount of shooting angle in – this usually means they’re fairly exposed too, allowing retaliatory fire!

Sharks will keep players out of the water.

We decided drowning was no fun, and sharks were more fun. ‘Nuff said.

Have Fun!


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