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Play Shiprekt!

This is a full conversion mod for KAG. Our first idea was to make a simple top-down shooter like Asteroids. But what if you were free to build the ship from blocks? Furthermore what if these blocks were random like Tetris? Mix it with 2 other classics: Arcanoid and Bomberman and you’ve got Shiprekt.

We made this mod because we believe in making games that provide simple gameplay elements but combined with freedom and your creativity – bring an infinite possibility of action, total havoc and wreckage. In other words FUN.

Build Ships!


Wreck the Enemy!


How to get it?

Shiprekt is a mod for King Arthur’s Gold. If you’ve purchased KAG then just launch the servers browser and pick a blue server that has this mod on. If you don’t have KAG yet, get it here or on Steam.

How to Play:

*Your Core (spawn) provides random parts
*Use these parts to build your ship
*Protect your Core
*Destroy all other ships Cores
*Avoid falling into water (ever watched Jaws?)
*After losing your core you get switched to another team, this happens until there is one team left
*(only) All players on the final surviving team get points – so play nice!

*[ WASD ] to move around
*[ E ] when close to use ship components
*[ SPACE ] rotates blocks while building.
*[ LMB ] to punch boarders
*[ SPACE ] releases all couplings (gray crosses) when sitting in a seat
*[ SCROLL ] zoom in/out

 (these keys apply by default only)

Have fun and let us know on forums what you think of the game.

Please share/tweet/facebook this link so more players come play!

Preparing to Launch!

A tiny manned torpedo launch – sorry for the ugly gif compression!

Some people were asking about how disconnected ships are possible, so here’s a gif explaining one of the many ways – you can also simply build blocks in the water without connecting them to your main ship, and blocks can become separated through destruction as well.

This gif is particularly fitting cause we’re preparing to launch the mod today, we’re testing the changes that have been made to KAG and making sure the mod works more or less out of the box, and doesn’t break your normal KAG install.

All things going according to plan (hahaha, yeah right) we’ll hopefully have it in your hot little hands tonight.

Have Fun!


More Mod Progress – Content updates

Towards the end of last week we were gearing up for testing, however some networking issues got in the way of getting it in the hands of testers, unfortunately. We’ll hopefully get that together over the next day or so, since we’d like to have the mod done by the end of the week.

Lots of progress was made on content though!

Bombs cause devastating explosions!

We’re going to add a nice delay to bombs to reduce the number of accidental explosions that are happening, but they’re quite functional so far.

Cannons firing!

The defense given by solid walls is invaluable. The cannons must be carefully aimed to take out tiles, but will kill players on any collision. They can be used to remotely detonate explosives as well!

Cannons can also be used to remove tiles you don’t want – this could be extended to torpedo or bomb or fighter boat release systems.

Cannons need to be carefully placed to get a good amount of shooting angle in – this usually means they’re fairly exposed too, allowing retaliatory fire!

Sharks will keep players out of the water.

We decided drowning was no fun, and sharks were more fun. ‘Nuff said.

Have Fun!


Example Mod Progress + Gifs!

Hey guys, progress update on the still unnamed big example mod!

Figured seeing stuff in action would be most interesting for you guys, so here are some gifs:

Building – demonstrating the “tetris” aspect
(sorry for the janky gif recording)

The ratios of each type of tile are currently just for testing; there should be far fewer seats in the mix in the final game. Tweaking the ratio of each part is trivial, and might be moved to a config file for easy server-side configuration (for servers with 50% bomb blocks in the mix, for example).

Out of control ship

This little “fighter” ship’s pilot was accidentally munched into one of the propellers, but it stayed active, forming a collision hazard for anyone nearby!

Tiny test torpedo

We don’t have the bombs working just yet but with propellers and building working they’re up next, along with cannons! Ship destruction effects are currently super rudimentary but they’ll get some love in the next few days. The “pilot” here probably should have been killed in the collision.

Still to-do graphically is some way of orienting yourself properly with the world as it’s currently very difficult to understand what direction you’re moving in without a point of reference.

We’ve also got to bind a few things in the engine (like the background colour of the world) and potentially fix the parallax layers to work with rotation (though that might take too much time for this cycle, as the issue is due to the way the whole thing is coded, not a one-line bug).

As you can see progress is coming along fairly quickly, and we’re hoping to be able to have a game with the testers on friday after nutting out what needs to be done sync-wise.

Have Fun!


Plans for This Week and Next – Big Modding Example!

Hey guys!

For the next two weeks we’re going to make a mod for KAG to demonstrate a ground-up total gameplay conversion of the game, and provide examples of how we’d accomplish various things in the engine.

The game we have in mind is a multi-teamed top down ship building game, with a sprinkling of tetris. Each team starts with a “core” that spawns random blocks for building with – these blocks need to be hooked together to protect the hull and provide offensive capabilities to your ship.

Some planned possible configurations include torpedoes, detachable raiding ships, and scrap melee machines. The limit of these configurations will be luck of the parts-draw and your imagination!

Mockup: torpedo hurtles towards an unprepared team.

There will be no direct player-to-player combat, no classes and no swimming – if you’re in the water you’ll either need to be picked up by a nearby boat or will swiftly drown, and if you make onto an enemy ship you’ll need to use their guns or bombs to do any damage (or take their controls and crash them into something). We think this will provide a unique form of versus play, and involve a lot of strategy.

Perhaps more importantly, over the next few weeks we’ll be forced to fix any bugs that get in the way of us accomplishing this goal, which will mean an easier time for modders down the road!

We’ll be keeping you posted with frequent updates and pictures :^)

Have Fun!


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