Plans for This Week and Next – Big Modding Example!

Hey guys!

For the next two weeks we’re going to make a mod for KAG to demonstrate a ground-up total gameplay conversion of the game, and provide examples of how we’d accomplish various things in the engine.

The game we have in mind is a multi-teamed top down ship building game, with a sprinkling of tetris. Each team starts with a “core” that spawns random blocks for building with – these blocks need to be hooked together to protect the hull and provide offensive capabilities to your ship.

Some planned possible configurations include torpedoes, detachable raiding ships, and scrap melee machines. The limit of these configurations will be luck of the parts-draw and your imagination!

Mockup: torpedo hurtles towards an unprepared team.

There will be no direct player-to-player combat, no classes and no swimming – if you’re in the water you’ll either need to be picked up by a nearby boat or will swiftly drown, and if you make onto an enemy ship you’ll need to use their guns or bombs to do any damage (or take their controls and crash them into something). We think this will provide a unique form of versus play, and involve a lot of strategy.

Perhaps more importantly, over the next few weeks we’ll be forced to fix any bugs that get in the way of us accomplishing this goal, which will mean an easier time for modders down the road!

We’ll be keeping you posted with frequent updates and pictures :^)

Have Fun!


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