Play Shiprekt!

This is a full conversion mod for KAG. Our first idea was to make a simple top-down shooter like Asteroids. But what if you were free to build the ship from blocks? Furthermore what if these blocks were random like Tetris? Mix it with 2 other classics: Arcanoid and Bomberman and you’ve got Shiprekt.

We made this mod because we believe in making games that provide simple gameplay elements but combined with freedom and your creativity – bring an infinite possibility of action, total havoc and wreckage. In other words FUN.

Build Ships!


Wreck the Enemy!


How to get it?

Shiprekt is a mod for King Arthur’s Gold. If you’ve purchased KAG then just launch the servers browser and pick a blue server that has this mod on. If you don’t have KAG yet, get it here or on Steam.

How to Play:

*Your Core (spawn) provides random parts
*Use these parts to build your ship
*Protect your Core
*Destroy all other ships Cores
*Avoid falling into water (ever watched Jaws?)
*After losing your core you get switched to another team, this happens until there is one team left
*(only) All players on the final surviving team get points – so play nice!

*[ WASD ] to move around
*[ E ] when close to use ship components
*[ SPACE ] rotates blocks while building.
*[ LMB ] to punch boarders
*[ SPACE ] releases all couplings (gray crosses) when sitting in a seat
*[ SCROLL ] zoom in/out

 (these keys apply by default only)

Have fun and let us know on forums what you think of the game.

Please share/tweet/facebook this link so more players come play!

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