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New game: Station Raiders

In the beginning, the game is just a pile of hard unchiseled rock. We are the sculptors that remove stone bit by bit to reveal what is inside. 

We had 3 ideas for Station Raiders.

We rejected the first because our mission is to expand our audience. We want different games in Cartridge although we gravitate towards multiplayer action most of the time :).

We rejected the second idea after making and playing it. The idea was laser traps which forced you to be careful and not trip over them. You could move other objects in front of the laser to get pass. It was nice but there was something bigger and shinier sitting quietly beneath. So we ditched the lasers.

It always feels like your creation is not enough. But it is enough. The third idea which is now the core of Station Raiders was there since the beginning.

Inside this rock we discovered a gem. It is not 100% polished, because this game is a prototype, but it is there for you to experience.

Have fun – Station Raiders


Why games fail at first contact

I believe any kind of entertainment is a failure if it doesn’t give you direct pleasure at first contact.

In computer games you often get a title screen and company and publisher credits which you can’t skip. You press space, enter, escape, smash the keyboard. Can’t skip it. Gotta watch the carefully rendered animation made for some ego-centric publisher to show that it was his money put into the game.

The first experience of a game like this is – frustration. This theme continues, later with menus and long loading times. You put up with it because you paid money and now you believe it will be worth it.

Most likely it won’t be. Because if the game developer wasn’t conscious of serving you frustration right at the beginning, then how the hell can he be conscious of serving you other feelings – like fun and excitement?

I believe a game should just rocket launch you into action. You don’t have time to wait. You want to play it – right here right now. You want instant satisfaction and instant pleasure – at first contact. You run it, you touch it, you control it. You dive straight into the game world – It feels good. You’re having fun. And that’s how it should be. And this is how Cartridge will feel.


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