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Official Servers Announcement

Happy New Year! Introducing the KAG Official Servers!

Today, we are launching a group of new servers which are being coined as ‘official’ servers. We hope these servers will provide a place for both new players and veterans to have a fair and friendly place to experience King Arthur’s Gold. You’ll find these servers listed with the following names (click the links to join them immediately):

KAG Official US RTDM

KAG Official US CTF

KAG Official US Gold CTF

KAG Official US Zombies

KAG Official EU CTF

KAG Official EU RTDM

KAG Official EU Gold CTF

KAG Official EU Zombies

These servers will be strictly moderated by us, the dev team, and the “royal guards” that many of you already know. The guards have proven themselves time and again to be great assets to our community and we hope they will continue to help us provide a fun environment for everyone to play in.

This means that we expect that players on these servers to play fair and treat everyone with respect. Obviously, griefing, hacking, spamming, and generally rude and unnecessary behaviour will not be tolerated on these servers. For more information about the server rules and the royal guard, please see the forum post here.

Currently, these servers are located in the US and Europe, and we may be adding additional servers in different physical locations, according to the demands of the player-base. Also, we are considering tracking some player stats on these servers in the future if people are interested.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, let us know at this thread.


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