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Royal Guard vs The World: January 4th

Donkey Kong mode server (type donkey into the server browser to join) – here’s us winning the first map despite DK laughing at us the whole time 😉 It’s gonna be interesting seeing what mods appear once the scripting build is out if people are building mods like this without any proper scripting support!

For those that missed it, the most recent “Adventure of Meow” strip, which is a spinoff work paying homage to Shakespeare and Clumsy Builders alike. Click to expand. Thread Here.

♫♪ I’m a lumberjack and I’m okay, I sleep all warmup and I work all game! ♫♪

Behold – the Saw! Turns logs into wooden planks, and knights into sushi
(mileage my vary on quality of sushi)

A little something that I carved out today. What you see is the draft of the new inventory menu with some placeholder stuff in it. When you hover your mouse over a button a little display will show. As you see you can format this however you like with colors and by adding icons. This is all fully scriptable and writing it is as simple as making a string like “by a sleep to say we end$ROPE$” – which displays a rope icon at the end.


So, I’m rewriting how blocks work, so they can be loaded from scripts and carried as actual objects. It’s going really well as you can see 😀


Geti playing Ace of Spades behind Notch’s back.

King Arthur’s Gold. Now on Mac.

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